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Q - Where are Gutsii products made?

A - Our products are proudly made in world-class facilities in Switzerland and Australia.

Q - I have allergies - is Gutsii safe for me?

A - Every Gutsii product is designed to be LOW ALLERGEN. Due to food manufacturing laws and the quality of the facilities we use, we declare on our labelling that our products are processed on machines that may also process allergens like nuts and dairy products. 

Q - Why vegan protein in the Multii Shakes?

A -  Vegan proteins work. We feel vegan proteins are a better choice for us over animal-sourced protein products (a lot being food industry waste products).

We believe they are a cleaner and more ethical choice.

We understand a lot of people have casein and lactose intolerances and are normally restricted in their protein choices.

We fully support the choices of vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, omnivores, carnivores, pescatarians, ovo-lacto-vegetarians and EVERYONE in their ways of eating, we know that not all ways of eating suit everyone so do not judge or claim to know what is best for all.

At the end of the day, the amino acids from vegan sources are chemically identical to animal sources so have the nutritional impact we are looking for and suit the largest range of people.

Q - Why Switzerland for the chocolate production?

A - Tina Turner said it "Simply the best".

Switzerland has the strictest regulations worldwide on the production of chocolate.

For a product to be legally called "chocolate" in Switzerland it has to maintain specific amounts of coca, cocoa mass, natural sugars (in the cacao bean) and cannot be manipulated in a way that corrupts the cocoa quality.

Just as "Champagne" can only be called so if produced to strict standards in Champagne in France,  "Chocolate" faces the same restrictions under Swiss law.

"Sugar-free chocolate" as it is labelled around the world, the Swiss would not be even legally allowed to call it chocolate!

Q - Is the Multii Shake a meal replacement?

A - The Multii Shake is not designed to be a meal replacement. 

We are promoters of "eat when you are hungry" so if you have your shake and aren't hungry, that's cool. We never say don't eat real food! Gutsii products are here to compliment your current lifestyle and make good choices easy and yummy. 

We do not recommend using any protein powder product as a replacement for real food.  A lot of our customers tell us they use the Multii Shake as a supplement as our antioxidants, probiotic and prebiotic doses are comparative to taking supplements. Our vitamin and mineral levels get a nice bump up with some meeting the Australian Daily Recommended Dietary Intake quota too!


If product is defective,  damaged or improper, contact us within 30 days from your initial purchase date to arrange for an exchange or refund (Excluding shipping charges) for returned product.

You must call or email Gutsii Hewitt before returning any product for a Product Return Authorisation Number.

To expedite the return, the original invoice and/or a copy of your order confirmation email should be included with the returned products sent to us, this invoices all packaging for products you wish to receive a refund for.

After receiving the returned goods, Gutsii will process an exchange or refund. Please allow 7 days for the exchange or refund to be processed.



All items are shipped within 3-5 days of purchase and tracking is provided in our order fulfillment system. 

Shipping within Australia is performed through Australia Post using their satchel system.

Pricing is automatically determined by product weight and dimensions. 

Chocolate products willed temperature sensitive and will be sent loose within insulated material to ensure temperature control during transport. 

When tracking items are lodged in our system an email is automatically generated for you, sent to the email address provided with your order and provides you with your tracking details.