💖ALL ORDERS PLACED FROM 24/12/2020 TO 6/1/2021 WILL BE FULFILLED ON 7/1/2021💖

Gustii Health was created for busy and active health and wellness lovers who want a simple and functional snakcs that tick ALL the boxes (well, a major chunk of them). We know we need to be proactive when it comes to our health, we know the importance of our gut and we want to look after and nourish our body. This use to be a 10 step proces.. not anymore!

This concept was brought together by a female lineup of passionate (and slightly obsessed) health and wellness eperts and scientists, who are working moms that want to do good. Together with the Gutsii Health team, they filled a gap in the market by creating products that don't serve only ONE need, but SIX!

"Protein shakes make me bloated"

so we switch to plant-based, premium sourced ingredients with ZERO sugar

"I'm not sick so why and I popping 10 pills in the morning"

so we combined all the minerals, enzymes, vitamins and pre/probiotic you need into one

You can have it all. With Gutsii, achieving optimal health is now easy, fun, tasty and affordable... plus gives back.

Since we launched, we have been overwhelmed with the support, infact, we have elite athletes who use Gutsii Health products daily. Cancer patients who find it's the only thing they can stomach duting treatment. Plus, people suffering from autoimmune disorders such as celiacs, crohns, IBS and diverticulitis as it is gentle on the tummy and meets their strict dietary requirements. Diabetics also get to enjoy our range.

We invite health concious consumers and cafes/health food bars to switch to our 100% female-founder, Australia owned and made range.


We know that making a great healthy choice in snacks is TOUGH.
Do they taste nice? Are they actually good for you? Are they convenient to prepare?
The idea of popping pills, blending potions, brewing broths and measuring powders.. Oh we have been there!


Not only we are committed to zero waste packaging, but we are also committed to reducing confusing and complication.


Not only are pills filled with binders, glue and fillers, you only absorb around 20%. Ingesting your vitamins is more effective and avoids the nasties found in pills.


Buying all your vitamins and supps seperately adds up. Being more efficient not only saves time but also saves you money.


Edina Losonczi-Gorshtein

Scientist & Formulator